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About Us

TDC Fashion provides an alternative to the traditional method of apparel manufacturing by way of deploying advanced technologies in a socially responsible manufacturing process.

We put the ability to design and produce your own fashion label in your hands. Cutting-edge research and computer technology have been harnessed to allow anyone from an individual fashion-enthusiast to a top-level fashion-designer to have unparalleled creative control in the process of designing custom clothing.

Once a design has been completed. It’s virtual specifications are made reality by the skilled hands of our seamstresses. Primarily comprised of widowed refugees, our manufacturing process gives work to those who need it; and because there are no middlemen between the design and manufacturing processes, each employee is paid a living wage that allows them to purposefully provide for their family and community.

Our Team

Rebecca Medina Cofounder CTO

Rebecca passion’s for technology within software provide the perfect fit to the organization. Her talent in the field of electronic systems engineering can be seen through the platform.

She brings a unique experience of both software engineering and financial background to TDC. With her passion, knowledge, and expertise, she uses what she has learned to make a difference at a global scale through TDC Fashion.

Farasat Khan Chan Cofounder CAO

Farasat is a certified project management and organizational development professional with 12+ year’s work experience comprising various roles in project management, talent management and development, risk management, and interface management. His assignments have included traveling to and supporting offices in various regions, allowing him to learn how to work and empathize with colleagues belonging to different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Kindah Ayrout Cofounder CEO

Kindah’s passion in starting TDC Fashion began through her mother, who is a dressmaker. She has Master’s in Business Administration and Finance through St. Thomas University as well as over 10 years and supply chain management.

This is something that is important to Kindah as she understands what her mother had to go through as a widow raising children. This instilled a drive for her children to work hard and succeed in life without having to lose dignity or self-respect. It is this drive that pushes Kindah, to create a better life for other women who are displaced by war and famine.

TDC Fashion Turkey

Earlier this year, through our subsidiary in Turkey, we pioneered a protocol with the Turkish government allowing us to contract Syrian refugees legally -regardless of their citizenship or work permit status- and pay them directly through bank deposits. Our pioneer business model allows us to operate efficiently while protecting our contractors’ rights to heir earned wages and legal employment benefits, thus creating a win-win situation.


Özge Dursun Country Director

In 2015, Ozge was given an opportunity to pursue her passion to help the struggling women and children for by the war in Syria. She left her job in Istanbul for a position with the UN’s Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to provide vocational training for Syrian Women and children. Her time spent with these projects helped develop the necessary experience she needed to meet the purpose and passion of TDC Fashion.

Serkan Yalcin Production Manager

Serkan was raised as a sewing operator in both woven and knitted fabric, through work practice. He has been working in this filed since 1985 (he became an apprentice at the age of 12) and was chosen as a “Master Teacher” by the Turkish Apparel Exporters Union in 2001. Following this position, he was appointed as a trainer at UNIDO’s project on training Syrian refugees inside the camps on apparel making.


The foundation of TDC is our seamstresses. They are the widows and mothers who live in refugee camps due to the wars that have ravaged their home country. It is by their professionalism and dedication that TDC Fashion can attain its goals and mission which is to provide a way of life for these women with a living wage. The experience that they in apparel marking drives this company and we would not be here without their creative and talented craftsmanship.

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